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Brittany Bra

Brittany Yoga bra gives the support you need, and the firm lift without wires.

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Divine Leggings

Divine leggings stays on your body without creases, with a boot cut for a slimmer design. 

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Divine Leggings - 4 Colors


Have you been searching for yoga leggings that provide comfort and performance while being fashion forward? Get ready to dump the frump while upping your yoga game. Our Divine yoga...

Lola Capris - 4 Colors


Are you confident enough with your current leggings to stop mid-workout and snap a photo for Instagram? It might be time to upgrade to some photo-worthy bottoms. We didn’t cut...

Mermaid Bra - 2 Colors


Mermaid Bra You know how sometimes you want a little bit of padding…but other times, you don’t? The Mermaid Bra is perfect for you if you appreciate a bra that...

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