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Coral Pearl Bra



Coral Pearl Bra

You know what’s frustrating about most bras? You either have to choose between one that looks amazing and one that actually offers support. That is, until now! Our Coral Pearl Bra features innovative 3-D padding to sculpt your figure. This design, which is exclusive to BaliniSports, offers a comfortable fit that will ensure everything stays in place. No more adjusting in the middle of a workout or constantly checking the mirror to make sure everything is where it should be!

However, what many ladies consider to be the best part about this bra is that you don’t have to be bashful about bra straps anymore. Go ahead and show them off, because this versatile yoga bra features straps that are guaranteed to look cute peeking out from under your yoga tank. Did we mention that this is an ideal bra for every cup size on the spectrum? Oh, and the big bonus is a bottom strap that creates a slimming illusion at the torso. You need this fast-drying, breathable fabric in your life if you simply don’t have patience for waiting around for your bra to dry. BaliniSports uses 100% organic dyes. Our process allows our facility to reuse 100% of the water during fabric dying.

Why You Need This Bra 

Because you want to know that your bust can look incredible in something that doesn’t have uncomfortable wires.

A Day in the Life of This Bra

You get out of bed, stretch your arms in the light of the rising sun, and put on this bra. You squeeze in some yoga and stretching. Then, you simply slip your favorite tee or tank over it to run some errands, take the dog out or get the kids to school.

Coral Pearl Bra Key Features

  • Slim Fit
  • Strong Support
  • Breathable Lining
  • Breast Padding Pocket
  • Removable 3D Bra Padding
  • Imported Polyester, Lycra Mesh and Spandex
  • Moisture Wicking and 4-Way Stretchable
  • 100% Made in the USA with Organic Dyes & 0 Water Waste
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Fabric Care

  • Machine Wash Cold in Gentle Cycle & Hang Dry

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