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BaliniSports Designer - Ada Hung

BaliniSports Designer Ada

Ada Hung, Designer and Founder of BaliniSports, was once an international buyer for chain stores, turned small-town coffee shop owner, turned real estate developer. While working as a corporate executive, Ada felt uninspired and too often found herself missing her husband, a globetrotting environmental engineer that shares her passion for work and travel.

Ada Hung has carved out a movement that balances empowerment and grace on and off the yoga mat. With a professional history in fashion and a passion for spiritual pursuits and spreading the word about the life-changing personal and global benefits of yoga, she has founded an apparel company that allows women to enjoy high-quality, ethically made performance gear that doesn’t harm the environment.

As followers of our blog know, Ada spends her life traveling the world and taking her passion for yoga and empowerment everywhere she goes. Ada wants to demonstrate to every woman out there that you can fulfill your dreams and create a life that touches others and reflects the beauty inside of you. She has created a line of yoga apparel that is versatile enough for the yoga studio, daily life or trips around the world.

Ada is passionate about living a balanced yoga life style, and BaliniSports newsletter would invite all the health nuts and yoga lovers to share their stories and tips for the world.

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