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Irina Kazakova

Irina Kazakova (Russian: Ирина Казакова; born September 23, 1986) is known as one of the world’s most flexible contortionists. She is a world-class gymnast who specializes in contortion and rhythmic gymnastics on Russia’s national team. She is trained with a personal trainer, with whom she works on her oversplits. Her most popular performance is her “Snake Dance”. As a rhythmic gymnast, she has performed with the ball, clubs, hoop, and ribbons.

Among her competition as the world’s most flexible is Anna Bessonova, who is credited with having the best leaps. Kazakova is still involved with contortion, but is currently becoming more involved with rhythmic gymnastics, and it is becoming her main focus. Nu Age Gymnastics and Dance Academy of Miami Florida lists Kazakova as one of its staff as an “Athlete/Instructor.”

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