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Find the Best Yoga Leggings During Your Pregnancy


That feeling of being wrapped in soft, supportive fabric is never more important than when you're pregnant. Many of our customers have reached out to let us know that their BaliniSports pieces were their go-to favorites during all nine months of pregnancy - we've even heard one of our customers came home from the hospital in a Balini outfit! This makes us more determined on continuously using high-quality fabric that's been carefully cut to create a flawless fit. We want you to feel beautiful and confident as your body changes during each month of pregnancy, as well as afterwards.


(Lorana in BaliniSports Megan Diva Tank)

During and following pregnancy, soft and breathable yoga clothes matter a lot. Let's face it, our bodies tend to crave some soft and stretchy designs that don't have buttons, zippers and other complicated features when we're pregnant. We also want to look polished and put together in our casual wear. Why hide behind oversized, baggy clothing when you could enjoy being delicately hugged by our 4-way-stretch fabrics? We're proud to say that BaliniSports designs are perfect for you, whether you're doing yoga, living life, or enjoying some well-deserved leisure time.

And don't forget the awesome bonus - BaliniSports yoga clothing features non-toxic dyes and has got bluesign® certification. You can feel proud when you choose BaliniSports, because you are choosing what's safe for you and your baby!


(Lorana in BaliniSports Amber Diva Leggings)


From our experiences, most of our customers choose Diva Leggings during their pregnancy. These cute leggings feature feet straps to prevent the fabric from bunching. The waistband on our Diva leggings has been carefully designed with appropriate compression to provide a secure, yet totally comfortable fit, making it very easy to put on and take off. Also, the airy mesh offers some glorious ventilation - which is something that almost all maternity leggings are lacking. 

Try now. Then you'll get why our customers sleep in these comfy leggings without taking them off during their pregnancy!

(Rosie in BaliniSports Ocean Diva Leggings)




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