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Balini Ambassador Program

Welcome to Balini Ambassador Program. We love to connect with yogini who share similar passion as us.

If you are serious about yoga, love to blog, posting photos on Social Media, and absolutely love BaliniSports, then go ahead and fill out the application to be in Balini Circle.

What we expect from Balini’s Circle

  • Share the love for BaliniSports
  • Post photos wearing BaliniSports weekly, make sure you tag us :)
  • Connect us with yoga studios or yoga events at your area
  • Be Fabulous!

These ladies have embodied our company’s mission to deliver beauty in motion!

Tamara Levinson-Campos

Yogance Creator, Choreographer, Movement Artist, Yoga Lover

Olga Larintseva

Yoga Teacher, Sports medicine physician, Dancer, BaliniGirl

Lamise Mansur

Yoga Teacher, Photographer, BaliniGirl

Dahye Kim

Ballerina, Yoga Lover, BaliniGirl

Sarah Dharamraj-Stein

Empowering Yogi, Life & Freedom Lover, BaliniGirl

Chaukei Ngai

Yoga Asana Ambassador
2013 International Asana Champion

Karla Tafra

Yoga Teacher, Nutritions, Health Coach Weightlifting, Workshop Athlete, BaliniGirl

Wendy Du

Yoga & Freedom Lover, BaliniGirl


AcroYoga Teacher, BaliniGirl

Andrea Taylor

Yoga Teacher & Student, BaliniGirl

Maggie Yun

Yoga Lover & BaliniGirl

Fawnia Dietrich

Pole Fitness Pioneer, Judge, owner and LV sexiest woman

Angela Priya

500 Yoga Teacher
Yoga Model / Yoga Teacher

Lydie R. Loth

Zhanna Maglysh

Olympian Contortionist
Celebrity Pole Instructor, Pole Asia Winner

Candy Aponte

Yoga Teacher
BaliniSports Girl

Grace Van Berkum

Yoga teacher
Registered Holistic Nutritionist, yoga teacher, yoga retreat leaders

Lina Fong

Yoga Enthusiast/Yoga Model, BaliniGirl

Irina Kazakova

Olympian Contortionist
Rhytmic Gymnast, Reality Show Star

Jennifer Boushy

Bikram Yoga Teacher
Biological Science Teacher

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