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Midnight Lola Capris



Are you confident enough with your current leggings to stop mid-workout and snap a photo for Instagram? It might be time to upgrade to some photo-worthy bottoms. We didn’t cut any corners when it came to creating a design for the ultimate yoga leggings. Discover the design that people are calling “better than Lululemon leggings.” First, we started with flack lock covered stitches so your favorite Balini pants will last for 400 + washes! Next, we set out on a quest to create bottoms that would banish the dreaded “muffin top” once and for all! Think we’re done? Not even close! Turn around after you try these on to see the way the backside panel so deliciously hugs your derriere and sculpts your backside. These bottoms feature diamond gusset and power mesh for that added lift! 

Why You Need These Leggings: Because you want to be able to wear cropped yoga tops without feeling self-conscious about exposing your backside in less-than-flattering leggings.

A Day in the Life of These Leggings: It’s hot outside. You slip these on after you put on your favorite cute yoga bra, only to realize that you can actually get away with wearing just the bra and leggings to class, knowing you will look amazing from all angles.

Model size S(4)

Midnight Lola Capris Key Features

  • Cell Phone Pocket for every dedicated woman
  • Power Mesh Waistband for appropriate compression & airing feeling
  • Diamond Gusset with Interlock Tech that keeps you away from see-through issues


  • Imported Polyester and Spandex
  • Moisture Wicking, 4-Way Stretchable & Breathable
  • 100% Made in the USA with Organic Dyes & 0 Water Waste
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Fabric Care

  • Machine Wash Cold in Gentle Cycle & Hang Dry

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