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Turquoise Mermaid Bra



Turquoise Mermaid Bra

You know how sometimes you want a little bit of padding…but other times, you don’t? The Mermaid Bra is perfect for you if you appreciate a bra that offers more than one way to wear it. This fabulous bra features removable 3-D padding. Nothing zaps the energy out of a workout like showing up in a yoga bra that makes your bust appear boxy, lumpy or just plain misshapen, right? Let’s face it, wearing a typical sports bra can leave us feeling a bit “blah.” Are you looking for a flattering performance bra that looks more stylish than it does “sporty”? You’ll love the bottom strap that is designed to create a slimmer, more high-fashion look. What woman doesn’t like the sound of full coverage and serious support? We’re going to let you in on a little secret: this bra is perfect for A cups to D cups!

Why You Need This Bra: Because you don’t have time to deal with ripping out/sewing in bra padding, or to be hassled by padding that doesn’t look natural.

A Day in the Life of This Bra: You put on your bra and finish blending your morning smoothie with just enough time left to meet your friends for yoga. Then, you head to the coffee shop around the corner to catch up on some emails without embarrassment from sweat. It’s easy to pull off a busy day when you’re wearing a bra that is made from breathable, fast-drying fabric.

Turquoise Mermaid Bra Key Features:

  • Strong Support
  • Breathable Lining
  • Breast Padding Pocket
  • Removable 3D Bra Padding


  • 4-Way Stretch
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Imported Polyester, Lycra Mesh, and Spandex
  • 100% Made in the USA with Organic Dyes & 0 Water Waste
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Fabric Care
  • Machine Wash Cold in Gentle Cycle & Hang Dry

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