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Big-name lingerie and bra retailers are scratching their heads over the fact that bra sales are down, way down. It seems that those stiff, non-intuitive bras that they've been pushing on us for decades are no longer cutting it when it comes to what women want. You see, it's not that women have stopped wearing bras - or buying them - we've simply changed they type of bras we buy. As traditional bra sales fall, sales of yoga/sport/athleisure and bralettes are up, way up. Women are looking for bras that break from the norm and offer real support. I have always believed that women need to demand bras that offer the support and freedom of movement they need to live their lives without fear. That's why I've spend so much time developing fabric technology to create bras that provide comfort and performance. Of course, one of the biggest fears women have about wearing sport/yoga bras instead of traditional bras is that they won't get the sculpting and support they need under their shirts and blouses. I have worked so hard to make sure that every bra in the Balini collection creates a natural, flattering look. Let me ask you something: why are you wearing a bra that doesn't work for your life? It's time to join the bra revolution and finally stop depending on those "fashion" labels for bras that weren't designed to honor your curves or work with your active lifestyle. Real life demands real bras, and BaliniSports is committed to giving our customers gorgeous designs that offer comfort and support day after day.
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