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A good friend of mine once said "Do one thing that scares you every single day." What she meant is that if you want to grow, and live life to the fullest, you have to make a point to get out of your comfort zone. I really try to take this to heart as I live my days...maybe it comes in the form of trying that new yoga move that I'm intimidated by or whipping up a new healthy recipe when it looks really complicated. Of course, sometimes it looks more like big leaps. Like launching a new collection, meeting with editors from high-profile magazines or traveling across the world to be instructed by yoginis. Last week, I took on one of the most intimidating challenges of my life: I hosted a launch party for my brand new Mermaid Collection. This wasn't just a typical party with cheese and crackers and a few racks filled with pieces from new collection...no, this was a launch party on a yacht in Marina del Rey. I sent out invitations to people in the yoga world, people who really know their stuff. Almost immediately I was full of anxiety. Would they really come? Would they enjoy being on a yacht? Would my new pieces, which I've poured my heart and soul into, be well received by them? The big day finally came, after much planning and preparation - and I was not ready for the results!  It was really quite an experience to look at all the beautiful women who I had invited and see them wearing pieces from my new collection. They posed, tried out yoga moves in the new gear and got to mingle with other strong women (the photo above is just one example of the moves these strong, lovely ladies had that day!). I was so happy to receive so much positive feedback from so many people regarding the new collection. It made me excited to realize that all of the women out there who buy pieces from the new collection will be able to enjoy new heights of freedom of movement and style. I was also happy that I was able to achieve stylish new looks and introduce new colors and patterns while still sticking to the Balini commitment to using eco-friendly means. So, I guess you could say I did something that scared me...and it was more than worth it. Now it's your turn! What will you do today that takes you out of your comfort zone?
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