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This week, we talked about our 3-D bras in our newsletter, and how our innovative design offers support to make you look and feel amazing. But the thing that really helps our beautifully sculpted designs pop is our color selection. I carefully selected all the colors in our Mermaid Collection to help you become empowered, peaceful and motivated. Our vibrant colors are created using eco-friendly, non-toxic methods that don't waste water or pollute the planet like the dyes so many popular labels use. Are you looking to create a certain mood or convey a particular attitude to the world? Take a look at the meaning behind colors used in some of the most popular BaliniSports designs. 


The meaning of turquoise, like the shade used in our signature Mermaid Bra and leggings, is to help to open the lines of communication between the heart and spoken word. This is a great color to wear if you need help speaking your mind honestly. 

The color coral, like the shade of our Ollie Bra, signifies vibrancy and being full of life. Because it is in the red family, it represents fiery passion and love.


The color of Indigo symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery and spiritual realization. Because it is a shade similar to that of the midnight sky, it is thought to intensify any mood. This is probably why our Tiffany Indigo bra makes it so easy to stay focused with intensity during yoga. 


The meaning of the color purple is closely associated with the fact that it is the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow. It is closely associated with feelings of power and luxury. 

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