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So you've got your bags all packed for that big 4th of July trip (or any other weekend of the year)...but can you be confident that your clothes won't let you down?

So many of the clothes we bring along with us will look wrinkled or smell after one wear, and we will then have to either find a way to wash them or simply stuff them back into our suitcase. But what if there was a packing hack that let you get more than one wear out of your outfits while on a vacation?

It would certainly make it easier to pack light if we could wear outfits more than once without worrying about odors. Let's face it, we're going to sweat during a day on the beach, by the lake or in a backyard. That's why my hack is so smart! Whenever I travel, I pack pieces from Balini that are moisture-wicking.

In addition to being lightweight and so easy to fold into a suitcase, our moisture-wicking pieces fight perspiration that causes odor. These pieces let your skin breathe, repel moisture and leave you feeling fresh - so fresh, indeed, that you can wear each piece more than once during your trip! 

A holiday is all about breaking free from our daily restraints and experiencing freedom and bliss, so why on earth would be want to lug around a heavy suitcase full of different outfits?

Athleisure wear by BaliniSports is designed to help you really LIVE that carefree, light-as-air mantra you envision when planning a holiday. A few of our moisture-wicking pieces are all you need to pack smart for a weekend trip.

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