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I have always been fascinated with mermaids. They way that they are so beautiful and mysterious has always spoken to my heart. It was the ethereal beauty of these mythical creatures that inspired a lot of my new pieces for the upcoming BaliniSports collection. Have you ever noticed how weightless, light and free to move you feel in the water? I imagine that mermaids always feel that way when they're gliding along in the ocean, and I wanted the pieces in the new collection to embody that weightlessness. I designed the collection to provide a fit that makes you feel so free and weightless that you become capable of anything. I worked hard to make sure every piece delivers freedom of motion and a natural, airy fit. At its essence, my new collection captures the feeling of refreshing ocean waves against your skin and a limitless, glorious horizon ahead. I have stayed true to our brand's sustainable, eco-friendly principles, while expanding on fashion-forward concepts, fit and performance. Are you ready to embrace your inner mermaid? I invite you to get a sneak peek of our new "Mermaid" collection.
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