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When's the last time you give yourself a day, a permission, to completely indulge yourself in the most beautiful things you wanna spend time with? Many of us probably would have no time for that.
We may have house chores to take care with, kids to look after, loads of work to think of… but, who’s there with us?
You. You’re the women that nurturing your inner little girl, and it’s you, the one that has the power & the ability to treat her well and good.
So, if you always have time to spend a little “self-time” for yourself, that’s the spirit! Keep at it. I bet you’ve already found the beauty and how healing it is and that’s why you keep up to it.
But, if you haven’t got the time to be with yourself, then you really need to consider having a little fun with your little inner girl. It could be choosing a gift for your loved bestie, or it could be choosing a gift for yourself. No matter what you choose to do, whether you’re fully immersing yourself or not decides how happy and soothing that self-time can be.
Try it. And take advantage of our celebration for you! Share the above message with whomever you think about while reading, create your entry at the end of reading, and share your stories with us on any of these days:

- Share your inner strength mantra on March 8th
- What you love about yourself on March 9th
- The happiest day of your life on March 10th
We’ll email you an exclusive coupon after March 14th for thanking you spending time with yourself and with us!
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