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You weren't planning to dress up for Halloween this year.

You swore you'd stay home.

You didn't want to deal with the hassle of putting a costume together.


But then your friend/coworker/kids convinced you to join in the fun. The only problem is...you don't have a costume to wear! We've all changed our minds at the last minute about dressing up for Halloween, and the good news is that you can actually use your favorite pieces of yoga clothing to make an easy, comfortable costume (and you can use the clothing afterwards, too!). You'll definitely be proud of your decision to use comfy, high-quality pieces, like the ones from Balini, when you see other people struggling with their uncomfortable costumes.


Here are four easy Halloween costumes you can make from athletic clothing, like the ones from Balinisports:


A Yoga Instructor

This one is pretty straightforward. Simply put on your favorite yoga tank and leggings and tuck your yoga mat under your arms. This is a great costume if you're proud of your love of yoga.


A Belly Dancer

A yoga bra that offers coverage and support is the perfect option if you're looking for an easy belly-dancer costume. Our Pearl Bra and Mermaid Bra are both gorgeous enough to help you create an exotic look, while still feeling sporty and secure. No need to worry that making the wrong move could have you falling out of your costume!


A Sexy Python

Our Python Capris are perfect for everyday wear, but something magical happens when you pair them with some amazing makeup and a black top - they transform you into a sexy, venom-filled snake. You can get really creative with making up your face in ornate gold and green costume makeup and letting these sleek capris finish off your costume.


An Olympic Athlete

Show off your love of athletics and pride in your country by dressing up as an Olympic athlete this Halloween. All you need to do is put on your favorite yoga tank and capris, then simply craft or buy an ribbon with a medal on the end of it. 

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