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This week, a Balini staff member shares her insider secrets for looking like you always have fresh, crisp yoga clothing!


Have you ever wondered how yoga teachers and online yoga personalities manage to always have fresh, new yoga apparel? They aren't spending all their time and money shopping at the mall. The insider secret is that yoga teachers often get access to amazing apparel by signing up for yoga teacher programs from trusted brands. Membership = huge discounts and giveaways.

Are you a yoga teacher or someone who loves spreading a little joy by sharing yoga photos on social media? There may be an opportunity for you to share your passion and creativity by becoming a BaliniSports ambassador. Check out these pages to learn more:


Okay, so maybe you're not a yoga teacher and you don't have time right now to become an ambassador. No worries, my friend - we can still take care of you. Here are some secrets for how to keep your yoga clothing looking brand new.


Tip #1: Use Natural Detergent


Personally, I love using “The Laundress” to wash my clothes. This stuff is so effective at getting my clothes clean, plus it smells good without leaving an artificial scent. Here's how I know this stuff is amazing - I accidentally grabbed my boyfriend's detergent last time I did a wash, and could feel the difference as soon as the load was done. I almost ruined my BaliniSports Diva leggings during the whole fiasco. It seemed like that ordinary detergent made the softness fade. I even noticed that my boyfriend's jacket, which was in the same wash, was starting to break down. Needless to say, I swapped out his brand for The Laundress and never looked back.


Of course, you don't have to stick with one brand of laundry just to save your yoga clothes. I've been on a little quest lately to find organic solutions - and one that has really impressed me is baking soda. I've also experimented with adding things like coconut oil soap and essential oils to help keep my fabrics looking "alive."  There are so many great DIY tutorials out there for making coconut oil soap, and I'm planning to share some in future blogs.


Tip #2: Always Pair Your Yoga Tops With Different Yoga Bottoms


One smart tip I've found for making me feel like I have a bigger selection of yoga clothing in my closet is to mix and matches my pieces instead of wearing the same combos all the time. It is amazing how many ways you can put things together to create fun outfits that make it seem like you have way more yoga outfits than you do. My best trick is to have a few more yoga tanks than you do pants. Having some lively tops to put over basic leggings will help you stretch your wardrobe so much further! 

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