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How many of you are guilty of running to your closet and pulling out your favorite pair of fuzzy boots or tall riding boots as soon as you see the first leaf hit the ground in the fall? Wearing fuzzy boots and riding boots during the cold months is one of my favorite things to do!  Well, winter is officially here and it's time to have some fun wearing our favorite boots. Surprisingly, being asked about the right way to wear winter boots is one of the questions I get a lot once people learn that I work in the fashion world. I am going to share some essential tips for how to wear boots that will help you look like the snow angel you were meant to be this winter.

Don't Try to Put Them Under Your Pants

One of the biggest fashion mistakes you can make when it comes to fuzzy boots is trying to wear them *under* your pants or jeans by tucking them in. This won't look good because your boots are just too thick to be tucked under your pant hems. What you get is a look that's sloppy and lumpy. Fuzzy boots are designed to go *over* your pants. This makes it important to make sure you actually have pants that are compatible with tall boots.

Only Do Fuzz in One Area

If you're planning to wear a pair of stylish fuzzy boots that epitomize the thought of comfy ski lodges and mugs of hot cocoa, you have to be very careful not to overdo it. Make sure your fuzzy boots are the only fuzzy thing you're wearing. Wearing a coat that's fuzzy or a wintery hat that is super busy can look a bit overwhelming. It's far better to go with a plain ski jacket or pea coat and a newsboy hat if you'll be wearing fuzzy boots. In short, you should never try to match the rest of your outfit to your boots - just let them stand alone to make a very stylish wintertime statement.

Leggings Are a Perfect Fit

Leggings and fuzzy boots go together like peanut butter and jelly! The light, streamlined fabric of leggings makes them slip under fuzzy boots with the greatest of ease. Leggings are the best option if you often struggle with getting your jeans to look straight and non-lumpy when you pull on your boots. Of course, you don't want to be freezing all winter because you're wearing flimsy leggings. A pair of warm, substantial leggings, like our Stone Diva Leggings, look and feel like actual pants.  


Skip Tights and Nylons

Pulling off the tall boot look can be tough if you're wearing a skirt or casual dress. Pairing tights and nylons with tall boots and fuzzy boots can look a bit odd. This is where leggings can save the day again. You can definitely put a nice, warm pair of legging under a skirt to fill the gap over the area where your skirt hem ends and your boots begin.



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