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Yoga clothing and Athleisure wear are what's on every woman's wish list this holiday season. Many people are a little confused about the right way to shop for and give yoga clothing. This is understandable since yoga clothing is a bit different than other clothing types. Its fitted nature and performance-oriented design means that you have to put a little extra effort into shopping for high-quality pieces that fit well. Here are some essential rules to follow when giving yoga clothing as gifts:

  • Don't pick something just because it's the cheapest. Performance is important, so go for a brand that is well-made and actually designed for yoga (instead of just being "Athleisure" wear)
  • Go USA made if possible. BaliniSports is one of the only yoga apparel brands that offer products that are exclusively made in the USA. Why is this important? Yoga clothing from other brands could contain harmful dyes and chemicals, which can be bad when they make contact with the skin during sweaty yoga sessions.
  • Pick something lovely! Don't go for bland pieces, instead choose interesting, one-of-a-kind designs that brighten up a room. 


Buying Yoga Clothing for Your Wife or Girlfriend

(pictured: the Coral Pearl Bra)

Buying the woman in your life yoga clothing is a guaranteed way to get some brownie points during the holidays! What should you look for? Purchasing a comfy yoga bra is a totally acceptable alternative to lingerie - in fact, it's likely to be very well received because it puts her comfort first. When it comes to yoga bras, you'll want to try to pick a size that offers the tightest fit as possible without being too small. The reason for this is that yoga bras don't have wires like many standard bras. Choosing a bra that has too much room may take away the support and lifting power that the tension from a proper fit provides.




Buying Yoga Clothing for Your Mother

(Pictured: Stardust Yogini Capris)

Your mom deserves some amazing yoga clothing this year, doesn't she? Some lovely pieces in vibrant colors will make her really love her morning work or yoga routine. The best type of yoga apparel to buy for your mom is some leggings. Leggings are great because they offer comfort and freedom without the need to wear shorts. In addition, your mom will love having the freedom to move in some capri leggings without worrying about tripping over the bottoms of her pants like she might in standard sweats. 




Buying Yoga Clothing for a Friend


(Pictured: Megan Purple Tank)

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a friend who loves yoga? Why not get her a breezy yoga tank that she can wear during yoga or during daily life. The holidays are a perfect time to give a friend a bright yoga tank with a flattering cut. Also, you will get some major friend points if you give yoga clothing made from fabric that is breathable and prevents sweat and moisture from taking over.  As far as size, you'll want to go up a size instead of going down a size if you're unsure about a friend's exact dimensions. 




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