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Did you know that BaliniSports yoga apparel in now made in the USA? The reason behind my decision to move production and exclusively offer USA-made yoga clothes is that I had a life-changing conversation with a marine biologist. As you know, I have been committed to using eco-friendly and sustainable production methods when creating our yoga apparel from day one. I also don't use toxic dyes or processes that waste thousands of gallons of water like most mainstream apparel brands. However, I was completely unaware that having my clothes shipped from a production facility in another country was potentially harming the planet. Did you know that your fashion choices can lead to death and misery for sea life around the globe? The marine biologist I spoke with shared some frightening details and statistics with me. I'd like to pass some of this information on to you so that you can be an informed customer. 

Shocking Facts Regarding Shipping and Sea Life:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions from shipping were equal to 2.2% of the global human-made emissions in the year 2012, and this is expected to double and triple in the years to come.
  • Whales and matinees are under constant threat of collision with ships, and they are about 80 percent likely to die from a collision.
  • Ships release toxic oils and chemicals as they travel through the water.
  • The unintentional transfer of invasive alien species through ballast water and on ship hulls can devastate small ecosystems near the sea.
  • Physical damage caused by the dropping of anchors and wave disturbances can affect marine mammals.
  • Oil spills caused from congested waterways have resulted in the deaths of thousands of sea otters, birds, fish, and other sea life.
  • Marine mammals, sea turtles, fish, and birds can be injured or killed after becoming entangled with plastics and other waste that ship crews may produce.

How Can We Help Reduce Damage Done to Sea Life by Ships?

I know it can seem overwhelming when there is so much at stake for our planet's sea life populations. While none of us can solve this problem alone, we can all take small steps toward making a difference. One of the things I am committed to is showing people how to shop environmentally friendly. I know that moving production of Balinisports yoga apparel to the USA will help to reduce the number of ships transferring goods out there in small, yet meaningful way.

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