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As all of you who have been following me for the past few years know, yoga and meditation have transformed my life in so many ways - and I have been more grateful than ever since bringing yoga and meditation into my life.

Many times, I can feel I am more connected to myself, and this earth, during my meditation. This is a big part of the reason why I insist on using the best quality of fabrics for my BaliniSports creations.
Not to mention that after I committed time to studying how fashion is created and learned the truth about how the apparel industry can ruin our earth, I have become increasingly strict when choosing fabrics and available colors for BaliniSports.

So many of my beliefs about our need to protect our beautiful planet were confirmed when I recently watched Leonardo DiCaprio's amazing new documentary, "Before the Flood."

Photo/ Balini Instagram
Feature/ Divine Leggings
I believe in my heart that it's not too late, and I will work side by side with anyone who is willing to help me change the toxic impact the fashion world is having on our home.
Designing eco-friendly apparel is how I express my gratitude to the world.

I am very proud to say that every piece created by BaliniSports is ethically made with 100% recycled water and organic dyes - and every piece from Balini can last over 400 washes (which is good for you wallet, as well as the planet!).

Photo/ @aniahimsa
Feature/ Ocean Hug Amanda Leggings
I am fully aware that designing clothing that can last so long (which is the opposite strategy of most major brands) could actually cause my customers to purchase clothing from me Balini less often - I don't mind!
Even though Balini pieces are so sustainable that they can stay in good condition for a long time without needing to be replaced, I’ll still do the right thing when it comes to my small part to keep the planet and our health safe.

Did you know that chemical dyes will pollute our ocean and eventually decreases the ocean’s purifying ability, and thus make our air system gets worse? I learned so much after watching the documentary that is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

If you share my passion for the planet, please consider forwarding this newsletter to a friend or two this Thanksgiving season - it's a great way to reach out and share your love of doing good for the planet.
Let's kick off a movement to make ethical fashion part of the mainstream!
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