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Cute vs. quality is not something that women should have to choose between when shopping for apparel. At least that's the way we feel here at BaliniSports. A lot of people have been asking me for my opinion ever since news broke that LulaRoe was being sued by a bunch of customers because their leggings ripped after just one wear. I can definitely see why LulaRoe leggings are so popular. They make really cute, vibrant patterns that are easy to wear with sweaters and boots. The truth is that Balini is in a whole other world from legging brands like LulaRoe. They rely on peer-to-peer sales where friends invite other friends over to take a look at clothing and buy it. It's not surprising to me that their very fashionable leggings might not stand up against rigorous use. Remember, not all leggings are suitable for working out or rigorous activity. Balini leggings are. I want to tell you a little secret: most leggings for sale today will rip, tear or turn "see-through" after just a few washes and wears. Anything labeled "fashion leggings" are typically little more than thick tights. Even a lot of "sports" brands put out leggings that are very thin. Why do leggings rips so easily? The same reasons why nylons and tights do - they are thin and flimsy....and not necessarily suitable to be pants if you're looking for comfort and support. Keep reading if you're looking for an alternative to LulaRoe leggings. 

BaliniSports leggings are different because we carefully engineer our leggings to be strong, supportive and resilient. They survive workouts, and everyday life! Our leggings stay beautiful and strong through 400 washes!

You will love our bottoms if you're looking for yoga pants and leggings that won't rip. We have a commitment to providing quality, eco-friendly fabrics. This is why you won't see any "cute" patterns of flowers and fuzzy animals on our leggings. While those may look great, the amount of water wasted to create just one pair of leggings using harmful dyes is in the thousands. I've poured years of research and invested in USA-made production to provide gorgeous, vibrant color combos that don't waste water and don't harm the environment. Take a moment to check out our fabric story (https://www.balinisports.com/pages/fabrics) to learn how you can be an environmentally conscious shopper when you choose BaliniSports leggings.

I can't tell you where to shop, or what to wear. But I can say that I don't believe anyone deserves to be ripped off by leggings that rip. You deserve oh-so-soft leggings that are easy to wear and will flatter and support your body whether you're wearing them with your favorite pair of fuzzy boots or sweating it out on a yoga mat every morning. BaliniSports yoga pants and leggings are not only super stylish, but they are "performance" apparel that provides the right amount of compression and flat seaming to enhance your workouts and fit like a second skin. Investing in a good pair of leggings is the best way to avoid see-through leggings or stopping your leggings from ripping.

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