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Hollywood stars love showing off their yoga moves on Instagram - and we love watching them do it. There is something satisfying about knowing that so many models, actresses, and singers take time out from their busy, whirlwind schedules to focus on finding balance and staying fit.

While so many of us love to admire stars like Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Miley Cyrus, and Kendall Jenner doing yoga, we often forget that we need not sit on the sidelines and do nothing, we can also join in!

For instance, even BaliniSports has several amazing ambassadors who post breathtaking and inspiring shots on a daily basis. I want to encourage all of you to stop sitting on the sidelines and start sharing your yoga poses on Instagram every once in a while. I think you will find that sharing your passion for yoga with your friends and followers will give you a renewed passion for your practice. After all, you can't be a light for others if you refuse to let your light shine! If you're feeling shy, here are three quick tips for gaining a little confidence:

1.) Choose a gorgeous spot that will really make you feel inspired - and look gorgeous in a photograph. If you're sharing the scene with an amazing backdrop, the photo is less about "you" and more about "the moment," which may help you feel less self-conscious.

2.) Choose an outfit that makes you feel amazing! It helps if you wear something somewhat form-fitting so that your posture and positioning will translate through the photograph.

3.) Be spontaneous. Sometimes over-thinking or over-planning can make a photo seem staged or too wooden. You can score an amazing picture simply by putting on some music, playing around with poses and asking a friend to snap some casual photos of you on their smart phone. You just might find that you look and feel most beautiful in candid shots!

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