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This week's newsletter is full of fun, cheerful tips for creating a yoga-themed holiday card to send out to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers this year. I thought it was important to place the spotlight on great card idea for yoga-lovers because I think sending holiday cards is becoming something of a lost art.

No matter what you celebrate, December is a great time to be a light to those around us, and to remind people we know that we are here to be a light in the cold, dark season that lays ahead. If it's been a while since you sent out holiday cards, I encourage you to take up the practice again this year. You will be amazed by how positively people respond to this thoughtful gesture - especially if you let your personality shine through with a personalized yoga-themed card.

A card is the perfect way to reconnect with people you may have lost touch with over the course of the past few years because it lets them know you're thinking about the,without the awkwardness of picking up the phone or sending out a long catch-up email. A card is also a great way to add a personal dimension to business relationships. People who you work with, or clients that you work for, will really love learning about your creative side, and passion for yoga, when you send them a personalized card this year.

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