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The day after Thanksgiving is synonymous with huge crowds, long waits and frenzied check-out lines. While Black Friday is a great time for deals, it can also be a stressful, draining experience for those of us that dare to venture out to the mall or big-box stores. What if you flipped the script this year and decided to turn Black Friday into a personal retreat day instead?

All it takes is slipping on your favorite, comfy yoga apparel and turning off your phone for a couple of hours. Go ahead and push your yoga mat under a window so you can soak up the slivers of fall sunlight that the season so generously gives. The turkey has been cooked, the pies cut, and the rest of your family is either relaxing or traveling back home.

Take this time to give all your focus to your movements. Let your poses be the only things that exist on this relaxing day. The rest of the holiday season will be making demands of you soon, but for now all you have to worry about is enjoying a day of rest. The great thing about the age we live in is that you can commit to staying home without giving up the thrill of snagging the best deals of the season. Permit yourself to do a couple of hours of online shopping at your favorite stores. Buy for others, and treat yourself too - just don't exhaust your spirit before the season has even begun.

The truth is you'll probably get cheaper deals online than you would in person - all without the hassle of crowds and fights in the aisle!

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