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We've all known that woman. The one who never loses her cool. The one who always has offers a deep, thoughtful response whenever you ask her how she's doing. The one who always keeps sight of what really matters in life. She is balanced. She is cool. She is spiritual. Most of all, she is mindful. If the upcoming holiday season already has you feeling like you're running around like a chicken with its head cut off, you're probably wondering how you can be more like THAT women. There are things that people who are mindful do that are different from most of us. What are those things? Take a look at the 3 things all mindful people do.  

They Stay Mindful ALL Day

Many of us try to win the "mindfulness" game by devoting a few minutes to meditation and mindfulness when we first wake up, then abandon the notion for the rest of the day. Truly mindful people, on the other hand, maintain mindfulness throughout all of the day's tasks. They are present in every moment - even the boring ones and the frustrating ones, even when a meeting won't end or a screaming kid won't fall asleep.

They Breathe ON PURPOSE

Let's face it, we all take breathing for granted. Few of us ever pay attention to how and when we're breathing. But mindful people focus their attention on their breathing in order to control their mind and emotions.

They Live Moment to Moment Instead of Day to Day

Taking life "one day at a time" is way too fast for a mindful person! Mindful people live in the moment during every moment. As such, they see and feel things in a stronger, more satisfying way that isn't full of anxiety and worry. Admit it, you're probably already worrying about holiday stress factors - the nosy relatives, the work deadlines, the gift buying - and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet! Most of us actually "project ourselves into the future" and all of its stresses without ever enjoying the moment we're in - which is the only thing that is actually real!

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