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So, you want to meditate? We could all use a little bit of the peace and serenity we've heard huge stars like Giselle Bundchen, Katy Perry, Howard Stern, Eva Mendes, Jerry Seinfeld, and Halle Berry talking about in magazines and TV interviews.  However, when many of us try to meditate for the first time we learn that it's not the glamorous, enriching, life-altering experience that we were expecting.

When you're a beginner, there is one simple fact: Meditation is hard. Of course, this is the reason why so many people give up and write meditation off before they ever really dig into the good parts at all. You will hear a lot of serious, hardcore advice about meditation out there - but if you're just beginning, I want to give you some simple tips that will set you up for success. Remember, you have the power to reset your mind!

Set Aside a Time

If you're just trying to squeeze meditation into little gaps in your schedule here and there, it won't happen. You need to be intentional about WHEN you meditate. Be strict about setting aside a quiet time each day. Doing this will also remind you that your mental and spiritual health is IMPORTANT enough to merit its own time.

Don't Overindulge Prior to Meditation

Morning is a great time to do meditation because you can squeeze a session in before you eat breakfast. The problem with meditating on a full stomach is that the infamous "food coma" could set and cause you to become sleepy instead of still and relaxed. While you should NEVER starve yourself, try to make sure you're not meditating following your biggest meal of the day. Being too drowsy to properly meditate is a big reason why so  many people stop before they ever truly start.


While meditation is a time to empty your mind, there are no guidelines against smiling during the process. It may sound silly, but putting a positive expression on your face will allow you to go into your meditation with a positive, accepting embrace. Doing meditation while smiling will also help you to avoid feeling like it is a "chore" during those early days when it still isn't coming naturally to you.

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