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There are two big things to know about me:

  1. I travel a lot
  2. A HAVE to do yoga every day

Unfortunately, these two things can sometime pose a real conflict. I sometimes find it hard to reserve time to squeeze in a proper yoga routine while still rushing out in the morning to make a flight or get in the car to spend all day at a trunk show. I have learned that sometimes you just have to seize the moment and do yoga wherever you can!

This month, I read an interview in Allure magazine in which Kate Hudson confesses that she often gets up and does yoga in the middle of a flight. Much like Kate Hudson, as well as Alessandra Ambrosio, and Hilaria Baldwin, I sometimes do yoga in strange places. I actually hear from people who follow my blog and read my newsletter that they wish they had the confidence to do yoga in public because it would be so helpful to fit their workout in during their lunch breaks or while waiting for their kids at the bus stop. That's why I am sharing my tips for being confident about doing yoga anywhere! These little pointers will help you stay focused and complete your workout anywhere, any time!

Don't Make Eye Contact

If you're in a crowded places like a park or the airport, and there are people constantly passing by, making eye contact with them will really wreck your concentration. It's a good idea to choose a focal point or an internal mantra that allows you to stay focused no matter what is going on around you.

Wear Yoga Clothing

You will look a whole lot less out of place doing yoga in a public spot if you are dressed for it than if you are wearing jeans or business attire. Keep some lightweight, comfy yoga clothes tucked in your bag at all times so you can slip them on quickly before getting your workout on. Of course, spare clothes are also a great way to avoid getting your everyday outfit sweaty.

Plug Your Ears

Keep a playlist on your phone of relaxing music so you can pop in some ear buds and tune out the world when it's time to do yoga in front of the world! The right songs can help you get into a zone and totally forget that you are in view of other people.

Don't Apologize

If you're in your favorite pose near a public park bench and someone walks by and scoffs at you, don't turn beet red and make an apology. Always give a confident smile to anyone who would try to make you feel self-conscious.

Pack a Mat

Let's face it, some pubic places are a little bit filthy. If you're traveling or you travel the same path each day to get to your yoga spot, be sure to have a mat tucked away in your bag so you don't have to let your hands touch the floor or pavement.

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