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Have you ever felt self-conscious in yoga class? Sometimes a public setting like a crowded classroom can make it hard for us to let loose and get into the zone because we're afraid of making an embarrassing blunder. There should never be any shame in expressing your body and spirit through yoga. However, taking steps to keep in control during a yoga class can help you feel empowered. With that in mind, I've listened to your most embarrassing confessions and concerns, and I've created a list of solutions for the 5 most common yoga blunders. Here they are:

The Problem: A growling tummy

The Solution: Don't go to yoga class on a completely empty stomach. While it may be tempting to grab a quick breakfast bar or handful of cereal, these choices won't keep you full for very long and can actually cause a blood-sugar dip during a critical moment of your workout. Instead, opt for high-protein options like a handful of raw cashews or almonds or a small dish of cottage cheese and fruit.

The Problem: Sloshing sounds

The Solution: While being hydrated for a yoga session is important, you shouldn't cram all of your water intake in the hours leading up to your workout. Drinking too much just before yoga can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable, and cause embarrassing sloshing sounds when you get upside down into poses. Keep a mug or water bottle with you at all times and sip slowly throughout the day in order to meet your water intake quota.

The Problem: Gas

The Solution: If you know you have a yoga session in public, skip high-fiber, gas-inducing foods that day. Eating too many foods like beans or excessive dairy can make us feel too uncomfortable and bloated to be our best selves on the yoga mat - especially if we are self-conscious in a group setting.

The Problem: Sweat

The Solution: Moisture-wicking fabric can help you remain fresh and cool during even the most intense of workout sessions. I purposely designed many pieces in the BaliniSports collection using anti-moisture fabrics because embarrassment over sweat is one of the issues I get the most questions on from my customers. Our pieces make it easy to feel confident and really put your heart and soul into a yoga session without feeling self-conscious about sweat marks and odor.

The Problem: Losing Your Balance and Falling

The Solution: Even the best of us get a little wobbly and lose our balance in a yoga class once in a while. This is one of those issues you might just have to develop a sense of humor about. However, losing balance while switching poses can sometimes come down to not paying proper attention. If you find your mind wandering during yoga class, don't try to cover up the fact that you tuned out - because trying to quickly get into the next pose could cause you to flounder and fall. Instead, count to ten and give yourself a few seconds to regain your composure and catch up with the rest of the class.

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