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I always knew that Balini's customers and followers were amazing - I just didn't realize HOW amazing until this month. You have all helped me to give thousands of dollars worth of merchandise to people in need by participating in my charities challenge last month.

I set out to make September a month of giving because I wanted to celebrate the fact that BaliniSports was featured on the 40th anniversary edition of Yoga Journal. I think it is SO important to celebrate our own successes by doing what we can to lift others up. I chose Uprising Yoga as a beneficiary of our donation because it uplifts people and equips them to help themselves so they can go out there and make a difference in the world.

The second charity that I chose, Shade Tree Wome's Shelther, helps women who are caught in what may seem like a hopeless situation to some. However, I am hoping that in some small way the Balini clothing that they receive will serve as a reminder that they matter, and that they can use their minds, bodies, and hearts to reach their goals and dreams. The best part is that YOU will be a part of that because you used your gifts and passions to help us reach our goals. The women we've touched though our September charity extravaganza didn't just receive pieces of clothing, they received tangible evidence that they do matter and that they are empowered to do anything. 

This is exactly the philosophy that I founded BaliniSports on - personal empowerment that allows us to not only propel ourselves towards our dreams, but to lift up others in the process.

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