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One thing I've noticed about all of the weight-loss and fitness commercials I see out there is that they all seem to emphasize that they are here to help you "fight cravings" or "battle temptations." I can't help but wonder, who would want to live in a constant state of battle when it comes to their body? We should not be at war with our bodies, we should be in harmony with them. That's why I think it's so important that we all stop thinking of food cravings as an enemy that needs to be squashed.

Do you feel out of control when it comes to cravings? Don't let cravings rule you - tame them. Having healthy alternatives at your disposal when weak moments strike can help you stay in control and enjoy a healthy relationship with food.   As long as we're not simply eating out of boredom or stress, it can actually be a good thing to indulge in the things we crave - once in a while. Of course, we can "indulge" more often if we make treats that include healthy alternatives to the unhealthy thing we're cravings.

That's why I was so thrilled to share a recipe from Kris Carr is this week's BaliniSports newsletter. Her chocolate avocado recipe actually gives you a good reason to go ahead and enjoy some yummy pudding. Unlike instant mixes that are full of sugar and additives with virtually zero nutrition, this recipe from Kris is loaded with good fats, calcium, vitamin C and fiber. It is totally quick and nourishing - and it will definitely fix your craving for chocolate.

What I am discovering in my own life is that actually eating real food when a craving hits - instead of turning to snacks that are nutritionally empty OR telling myself I simply have to suffer without a treat - will help you work with your body instead of against it.

Remember, if you're craving something, there's a good chance it's something your body needs at that moment. Of course, we can sometimes have trouble identifying real food from fake food, which leads us to load up on empty calories and sugary treats that, while tasting great, don't actually fill the need that our bodies were alerting us to in the first place. It's time to nourish ourselves with real food to really satisfy our cravings.

The next time you just have to have some chocolate, whip out the recipe from Kris Carr that I shared in this week's newsletter and enjoy rich texture and amazing flavor with the peace of mind of knowing that you won't crash or feel depleted after you take that final bite.

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