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A fall walk in the woods is one of the most magical things you can do! There is something so raw and beautiful about the way the land transforms and puts on a stunning display of color and beauty as it surrenders itself to the coming of winter. Every leaf, as it falls, is an expression of the Earth changing, transforming...wishing us into the next season of our lives fearlessly. I want to share with you some ways to turn a simple fall hike into an experience that builds up the soul and nourishes the body. I promise that these little steps won't take up a lot of room or time or cost you very much money. What they will do is create a memorable way to kiss summer goodbye and embrace the next season, and chapter of your life.

A Journal

Bring your journal along so you can stop along the way and reflect on how the nature all around you makes you feel. You can write down your hopes and dreams for the fall, your best memories from summer, and the gratitude you feel. If you don't have a journal, your fall hike provides the perfect opportunity for your first entry.

An Inspirational Book 

Bring along a book that inspires you so you can open to your favorite page and press a freshly fallen leaf inside its pages. Make a promise to yourself about a dream you've meaning to achieve as you do that. That leaf will stay in that book and remind you of that promise every time you open it.

Infused Water

Skip the generic plastic water bottle or sports drink and make yourself a tall bottle of infused water to keep you hydrated and refreshed during your hike.


Many of us put the sunscreen away for the year once we've put our beach bag away in the closet for the last time. However, the sun can still be very strong in fall and we need to protect our skin from an accidental burn.

A Blanket or Yoga Mat

If you're climbing to a high spot, put down a mat or blanket when you get to the top so you can celebrate with a quick yoga session. You will really be inspired by the views all around you! Of course, even a hike on flat terrain is sure to provide great opportunities to stop for yoga by a stream or in a meadow.

A Jar or Plastic Bag

Bring along a little container so you can scoop up some dirt from the soil before the ground is frozen for the winter. Then you can transfer the dirt to your home garden or a small container that holds a potted plant. This dirt will symbolize that you are keeping grounded and building the future's growth on this year's soil - just like you are building your own future on things you've learned this year.

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