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Are Ugg boots, cute scarves, and pumpkin lattes the first things you think of when you picture fall? If you’re like me, you just love diving into fall goodies at the first sign of a chill in the air. I admit to chugging more than my share of lattes throughout the years – however, I would soon find that my fall bliss turned into headaches and sickness. You see, those yummy lattes we all love are filled with caffeine, sugar and additives that are just waiting to cause us to crash. Of course, I believe in everything in moderation – so I would never tell you to give up a yearly tradition! However, there are some very delicious healthy alternatives to pumpkin lattes that will put you in a festive fall mood without making your energy levels fall.

Kombucha Tea This yummy tea can be blended with some raw sugar, stevia or agave for a taste that screams fall! Kombucha is actually known to improve memory and help to regulate bowel movements.

Hot Apple Cider Apples are one of the hallmarks of fall. A mug of warmed apple cider provides all the wholesomeness of a latte without the dairy and calories. In addition, drinking cider offers all of the benefits of eating an apple and helps you avoid the crash associated with caffeinated drinks.

A Pumpkin Smoothie You can still get your protein fix with a homemade pumpkin protein smoothie. Unlike lattes, which typically contain artificial pumpkin flavoring, a smoothie contains pumpkin puree which is full of vitamins and nutrients!

Licorice Tea Licorice tea will give you all the pleasure of indulging in sweets with none of the sugar or calories! You’ll love the bite in this tea because it will remind you of your favorite fall candies!

Chai Latte When you’re out and about and you really need to stop for a creamy caffeinated drink, search the menu board for a chai latte instead of a pumpkin one. This alternative features black tea, milk and natural spices that will put some perkiness back in your step!

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