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That pair of cute leggings in your closet is keeping a dirty little secret. It takes somewhere between 1000-1800 gallons of water to produce a single pair of leggings.

Unfortunately, those gallons of water are usually not recyclable because they likely came into contact with harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process. Newer technologies and greater awareness of how to use resources more wisely gives us all a lot to be excited about. With companies putting their hearts in the right place, the future of apparel production looks bright for the fashion world and the world we live in.

The tale of our eco-friendly history here at BaliniSports starts with my love affair with yoga. The way that yoga made me feel so connected to the Earth and in tune with nature made me aware that I didn’t want to become a part of this problem, which is why I sought out the most-efficient, greenest way to produce apparel. I settled on bluesign® technology because I know that this eco-friendly method was good for my customers and good for the planet. The bluesign® system was created to give manufactures a way to utilize sustainable textile production.

The process eliminates toxins and earth-harming substances while adhering to the strictest controls and standards. We can celebrate that this method creates finished textiles that meet the toughest international standards for safety and sustainability.

The pieces in BaliniSports collections a much smaller percentage of water compared to most fabrics on Earth. The best part is that most of the water we utilize during the production process is recyclable because we stay away from harsh chemicals and toxic waste. The end result is that our customers don’t have to wear leggings, tanks, and bras that are keeping a dirty little secret – and we get to participate in preserving water and keeping the Earth clean.

How do I know it’s working? I have made it my business to be personally involved with our Bluesign compliance and I work out of the factories that create our collections several times a year. It is great working with people who care about the Earth as much as I do.

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