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What could feel more amazing - or more natural - than digging your fingers and toes into sun-warmed sand and doing a little yoga during your next beach outing? There is nothing more amazing than practicing yoga outside and connecting your soul with nature. I think that fitting a yoga session in between catching some rays, swimming or surfing is an excellent way to find balance at the beach and achieve some genuine relaxation. I always LOVE practicing poses near the Pacific whenever I am in California - and I have a few tips to share with you that will enhance your experience the next time you hit the beach.

Bring Your Mat

Don't forget that sand can get pretty hot when the sun is out. Bring your mat to have a place to practice your poses without scorching the pads of your hands and feet. You can also do your moves on a beach towel. If you forget your mat, search for a grassy area near the beach that will serve as nature's yoga mat.

Pick Sunrise or Sunset

Hitting the beach when the sun is going down or coming up can elevate a simple workout into a spiritual experience. Aside from amazing views, choosing this time also offers you the chance to enjoy a quiet or empty beach all to yourself.

Plan Some Moves in Advance

Be warned that planting yourself on the beach is such a whimsical experience that you might lose your focus once you get there. You can keep on track by having a routine planned out in advance or simply choosing poses that you can stick to when distractions set in. Of course, once those poses are finished you can feel free to move along with the wind and waves and let your body express itself freely.

Bring Sunglasses

This is one tip I've learned from experience (ouch!). Those of us who typically do yoga indoors may not realize that some poses can really kick a lot of sand into the air - and into our eyes. Be sure to avoid a painful scenario by bringing proper eye protection.

Don't Be Alarmed If You're Sore the Next Day

Standing in the sand actually causes us to use a different set of muscles to balance our bodies. You may wake up the day after a beach yoga session with some serious soreness because you used different muscles than you normally do (even for poses you do every day!) For this reason, you may not want to plan your beach yoga session the day before you will need to be nimble for an important event.

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