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Something very exciting happened in the world this week.

Did you happen to catch it on the news? The first official International Day of Yoga placed the spotlight on yoga in a historic way. Yoga devotees from across the world gathered at landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Times Square, Rajpath and the banks of the Ganges River to participate in record-breaking yoga sessions.

The pictures of the day were breathtaking! People of all ages were spread out on parks, soccer fields, public squares, prison yards and city blocks in every corner of the world to unite in yoga poses. A single gathering in India attracted 35, 985 participants – including dignitaries and the Prime Minister of the country.  Even the United Nations General Assembly has formally declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga.

I am excited that so many people from around the world were able to participate in an activity that nourishes the soul and strengthens the body. I am also excited that so many people got to witness the great peace and unity that yoga can bring to the international community. What was most beautiful about this day to me was the way people from all backgrounds and walks of life gathered together in the world’s great cities and in small towns to express their love of yoga in unity.

If you missed your chance to participate the International Day of Yoga 2015, don’t worry – you can still tap into the extraordinary energy of this event for the rest of the year. This day can serve as a reminder that none of us need a special invitation to simply turn to the person next to us in the yoga studio and invite them to unite with us in a pose. Let this great event inspire all of us to invite our friends to the park or even our own backyard for a group yoga session.

While I am looking forward to participating in the International Day of Yoga in 2016, let’s not wait until then to extend invitations to people we know and care about to unite with us in a yoga pose.

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