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Are you looking for a fun excuse to go out on the lawn and practice some new yoga moves while the weather is warm and the sun is shining? Elaina Palmer @ElainaPalmer is sharing a step-by-step breakdown of a fun and freeing headstand.

Kick off your shoes, head for the grass, and let summer take you over as you practice getting into this fun pose!  


Step 1: Begin on your knees on your mat. Elbows shoulder width apart.Elaina2

Step 2: Interlace your fingers & press your forearms down firmly.

Place the crown of your head down right in front of your hands (your hands ideally shouldn't be touching your head). If you are just beginning to practice this pose though you can snuggle your head into your clasped hands.


Step 3: Tuck your toes & lift your knees.

If this is enough this is a great place to stay & build the strength needed for full headstand. Start to walk your feet in towards your elbows. Press your forearms firmly into the mat & draw your shoulders away from your neck.Elaina4

Step 4: Try to keep as little pressure on the crown of your head as possible.

Use the strength of your shoulders. Don't collapse your weight on the crown of your head. Walk your feet in until your hips are over your shoulders.Elaina5

Step 5: Lift one foot off the floor pulling the knee in toward your chest.


Step 6: If comfortable here then try lifting the other foot bringing your knee into your chest.


Step 7: When you are ready slowly extend both legs straight.

Ground down through your forearms, draw your ribs in and lift your tailbone up towards your heels. Keep lifting through your shoulders so all your weight is not on your head. Start out holding this pose for 15 seconds gradually adding 5-10 seconds every time you practice. Slowly lower your legs one at a time & rest in child's pose.

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