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All the world is a stage, they say.

This is especially true for all the women across the country who use their brains, talents, and bravado to compete for scholarship prizes in pageants. I am so thrilled to announce that BaliniSports has signed on to become an official sponsor of the Miss Nevada Teen pageant. It brings me so much satisfaction to support the community as a local business owner while empowering young women to reach for the stars. Contestants in the pageant will wear clothing from BaliniSports during practice and on stage.

I am especially excited because our sponsorship of the event brings together the worlds of high glamour and eco-friendly, socially conscious apparel. After all, we all tend to think of tiaras, rhinestones, and ball gowns when we think of pageants, don’t we? The contestants in the Miss Nevada Teen pageant will be wearing carefully engineered apparel that is designed to help them move freely and confidently.

I am so excited to help these ladies enjoy the freedom to move gracefully and feel beautiful in clothing that allows their inner beauty to shine. I know that these bright, intelligent, and socially aware ladies will really love showing off designs that are ethically made in the USA using environmentally friendly methods. The best part is that everyday women can now have the freedom to dress like a pageant contestant.

While ball gowns may not be something that fans of the pageant can run out and buy, they can enjoy the fun of getting their hands on the same exact pieces of yoga apparel the ladies will be wearing up on stage. Don't get me wrong, ball gowns are great some of the time. But, in a world where we are trying to empower girls to be strong and reach their dreams, I think it's time to perhaps toss aside the idea of showing up in a gown and glass slippers like Cinderella every time and leave room instead for clothing that equips us to move, grow - and change the world.

I hope you will join me in supporting the young ladies who will be competing in the Miss Nevada Teen pageant this year. No matter who you root for to win up on stage, rooting for eco-friendly apparel to take center stage ensures that the Earth – and all of us- wins in the end.

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