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Don’t you just love outdoor markets?

There is something about them that really makes me feel in tune with nature and connected to the vendors who are selling their merchandise. In my travels, I’ve had so much fun hunting for treasures at sprawling outdoor marketplaces in Asia and Europe. I smile when I think about filling my arms with fresh papayas and jackfruit in Cambodia or picking out some handmade baskets to bring home at a colorful market in Vietnam.

There is something satisfying about exploring stalls to find great food and clothing like our ancestors did for centuries before indoor malls and mega stores were invented. My favorite part of visiting outdoor marketplaces in various countries and cities is interacting with the vendors who are so proudly putting their goods on display. It’s amazing how every seller seems to have a story - and the passion that they have for their merchandise is so refreshing in a world of huge, faceless companies.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to be invited to showcase apparel from BaliniSports at the brand new outdoor mall in Summerlin. I was invited to join an elite group of 12 chosen vendors because I am a local designer in Las Vegas and a proud sponsor of Miss Nevada Teen Pageant.

Our first weekend of setting up on the promenade and sharing BaliniSports was a wonderful success. I loved meeting new people and sharing my love of yoga with them before sending them off with some great new pieces from BaliniSports.

BaliniSports in Summerlin 

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  • Tanesha: December 14, 2015

    So awesome Ada!! Congrats again! :) Yes, I love shopping at outdoor market places as well :) Grew up doing that every weekend, growing up in Jamaica :)

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