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Gemini Collection Launch in New York City with Talia Sutra

This week’s newsletter is a special wrap-up edition following our successful Red Carpet event. I am riding a wave of gratitude and happiness this week after visiting New York City to host the BaliniSports red carpet Earth Day launch party for our new Gemini Collection.

I am SO grateful to all of the fashion editors who attended our event and yoga workshop at the legendary Mercedes Club. One of the highlights of the evening was having the talented and inspiring Talia Sutra lead our yoga workshop. I want to share with you some of the things I learned from her.

Balini NYC Event Ada and Talia

The first thing you notice when you meet Talia is how small she is. I knew she would be the perfect person to lead our event because just like the BaliniSports label – she is a big powerhouse with big dreams in a small package. “Welcome to this moment,” is the line that displays across Talia’s website. I realize when I meet her that I have much to learn from her about building a lasting reputation and career by living in the moment.

From an early age Talia knew she was born to be somewhere on stage or in the front of the crowd sharing her voice. I guess you wouldn’t expect anything less from a girl who has a politician for a father and a dancer/yogini for a mother. Talia first dipped her toe into the performance world through dance. Though she loved the medium, she felt that she wanted to express her creativity through her voice as well as her body. Her next step was to become an actress. Still, something was still missing for powerhouse Talia.

Her passion and intuition led to her something new…yoga. I guess you could say it was love at first sight for Talia. She soon discovered that sharing yoga with the world was her destiny (a fact that I can confirm after experiencing her workshop on Earth Day). The impression I immediately got was that this is a woman who lets the universe lead her in manifesting what she wants when it comes to her career or whatever else she sets her mind to. The way she guided her students into poses, creating sequences that worked so harmoniously with the human anatomy and muscle groups, was different from traditional methods I’ve seen before. The only way I can think to describe her while her body is in motion on the yoga mat is that she is like a lioness.

You can imagine my surprise when lioness Talia confided in me that she is very hard on herself. She suffered with low self-esteem because of the pressures of being a dancer and growing up with a beautiful mother to follow in the footsteps of. Despite being absolutely stunning and talented, Talia struggled to love herself. My jaw dropped a little as she told me that though she was born with natural flexibility, she pushed herself to conquer all the poses she wanted to teach. In the process, yoga taught her to LOVE WITHIN.

Why do I think it’s so important to share Talia’s story with you? I wanted to honor the way she used her own drive to conquer every pose and rise to the top in the teaching world. Talia dives deeper and uses her hard-earned strength to transform her students into strong, dedicated practitioners. I also want to celebrate Talia’s commitment to offering “yoga for the people” that is only $5 a class. She manages a studio in New York City and has her sights set on Los Angeles and San Diego.

Keep up with Talia at Taliasutrayoga.com and become inspired.

Balini NYC Event Talia Sutra

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