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Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. As the Earth is waking up from its long slumber and plants and flowers are blooming back to life, I am also living through a season filled with newness and excitement. This spring is unlike any other period of my life, and I want to share some of my big news with you. BaliniSports is about to launch the much-anticipated

Gemini Collection on Earth Day, April 22nd.

This collection is perhaps the most ambitious project I have ever taken on. As you know, I set out to create a clothing line that doesn’t harm the environment or exploit people when I created BaliniSports. I have always gone the extra mile to make sure we use eco-friendly dyes, materials, and production methods. I work tirelessly to design and make clothes that are good for the Earth, good for people and look amazing. My decision to move production to the United States with the creation of the Gemini Collection has helped me take this commitment one step deeper.

As I write to you now, we’ve completed the sewing and inspection phase and we are ready to move on to the last stages of packaging and organizing warehouse space. This means that we are only a few weeks away from getting extraordinary new designs into the hands of our eagerly waiting customers. I am so thrilled by all of the positive feedback I’ve gotten so far from people who have gotten sneak peeks at the collection. I am especially proud of the brand new bra attachments we’re introducing.

What I am most proud of, however, is the fact that the Gemini Collection if full of good energy. My products are all embossed with a charm that is intended to be a blessing and bring peace and good luck to our customers. The logo is very personal to me because it was my own intimate interpretation of a mantra given to me by a meditation guru. I was honored when he blessed the logo when he visited the United States a few years ago. My designers and I played around until we were able to integrate an ancient lucky charm into the logo that is intended to connect our customers with higher vibrations of energy.

I wanted to take this idea of positive energy and really integrate it into the creation of the Gemini Collection. I had the idea to gather a few of my friends at the facility where my new line was being produced and take some time for mediation. In unity, we chanted a mantra using a vibration that was meant to block unwanted thoughts, lift our energies, and bring us in harmony with the universe. Of course, the fact that the workers were busy wrapping pieces from the new Gemini Collection in biodegradable bags made me feel confident that I had just created a product line that truly is in harmony with the Earth.

We all mediated that day with one pure and simple intention: that everyone who wears pieces from the Gemini Collection will feel peaceful, calm, and loved. I wish to wrap you all in positive energy and vibrations this spring, and I hope you will celebrate the launch of the Gemini Collection with me. 

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