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By BaliniSports Guest Blogger, Rhyanna Watson www.rhyannawatson.com

For me personally, teaching is a gift that can’t be earned or certified. Although I feel it is absolutely necessary to go through the proper channels to teach, I believe it is a gift you are born with. For me, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Giving back to others is more meaningful to me than anything I would achieve in my own yoga practice. I have noticed lately this idea that becoming a yoga teacher has to do with how amazing your asana practice is. I have literally overheard people say “you should become a yoga teacher” after the person did an amazing backbend.

But there is more to an Amazing or as I like to say Omtastic Yoga Teacher. An Omtastic Yoga Teacher can have a massive impact! They can make us feel empowered by inspiring us, turning our smiles up the right way or make us unwind, relax and catch some well earned me time in this crazy busy bee world. 

They can also help us to grow & push through our limiting beliefs and go to places and strengths we never knew existed, not just physically but in our minds as well. Omtastic Yoga Teachers are more then that amazing handstand or groovy pants. 

They are the essence of life and they are a breath of life in our life, just like yoga itself…. here are a few qualities that an Omtastic Yoga Teacher will bring to your practice and life.

They understand that the purpose of the class is not about their own practice. It’s to guide and support their students through a journey of yoga. They teach and demonstrate postures that are suitable for every level of the class. "I"-less (ego-Less) teachers are happy to share their wisdom openly and because yoga and life are not perfect they are happy to laugh at there own mistakes.

No matter what we are doing, we do it better when we operate from an authentic space and a yoga teacher is no different. A few well-timed jokes can bring light hearts to the room but it works better when the teacher has a natural sense of humor. If a teacher’s authentic personality is more about warm and fuzzy and they teach from their heart, they too have the ability to create a beautiful and uplifting class.

Okay, none of us really want to hear a lecture at the start of class on all the great Sanskrit scholars or the history of yoga but it’s comforting when a teacher clearly knows their stuff. Whether they explain the medical benefits of postures as we hold them or confidently offer variations for people with injuries or limitations, by demonstrating their knowledge they gain credibility, leading nicely on to the next point.

Perhaps the most important point of all, an Omtastic Yoga Teacher is willingly sharing their light with everyone around them, making their class a really special place to be. They shine their light so brightly so others can see the way. Teaching is something that I believe, is passion to help and love others. It is the desire to bring out the best in other people and it has nothing to do with how amazing your asana practice is. It really has more to do with serving other people more than yourself by means of sacrificing your time and your knowledge.

A great teacher doesn't need to have an “awesome” asana practice. A great teacher will teach you to realize that YOU are AWESOME already.

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