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When was the last time you took a minute to celebrate the women who make your life so much richer and fuller? I wonder if our friends, mothers, sisters, and coworkers know how much they inspire us. This week, I want to use this space to talk about some women who inspire me to be stronger and love harder.

I think of BaliniSports as more than just a clothing line – in many ways, I think of it as a sisterhood. I have a team of beautiful ambassadors who help me share my love of yoga and spread the word about the quality and earth-friendly philosophy behind BaliniSports. These women are smart, talented, well-traveled people who live intentionally and do everything 100%.

Did I mention that these girls have moves? We’re talking some seriously stunning poses and physical agility that would make an Olympic gymnast’s jaw drop. I smile every time one of my ambassadors uploads an Instagram photo or Facebook post that shows them striking an elegant pose from a beautiful balcony in an exotic location or at home just a few feet from a playing toddler.

These REAL women showcase strength of body, power of soul, grace under pressure, and spirituality in the daily grind. Having the privilege to call these women my friends has inspired me to deepen my yoga practice and push myself to go to new and freeing places.

Starting April 1st, four of my ambassadors will be helping me launch the #LoveWithinYoga Challenge. This exciting contest gives our followers the chance to shine online and win amazing prizes simply by reinterpreting yoga poses using heart and creativity simply by following instructions on Instagram and uploading photos using #LoveWithinYoga and #BaliniSports.

Another woman who has had an incalculable influence on my life is my yoga teacher training instructor, Elinore Cohen. Elinore has helped me to become more aware of my breathing techniques. I am discovering that breath is the source of life. I am using every inhale and exhale to release my creativity and power.

This new-found appreciation for every breath is already helping me to be more conscious of my mind and heart while I am hard at work on my clothing line or when I am engaging with my friends and loved ones. I am moving closer every day to a more intentional, connected way of living on this beautiful planet. While I have always loved yoga, Elinore is teaching me to have a deeper appreciation for this ancient practice by showing me its true meaning and depth. I have been introduced to the concept of the 8 limbs of yoga. If you aren't already familiar with this branch of yoga, it is focused on uniting the body, mind, and spirit.

We use our breath to foster awareness and create harmony. While it can take a lifetime to learn, practice, and master the 8 limbs, let me briefly outline them for you:

Yama: Ethical principles for engaging with the world

Niyama: Ethical principles for engaging with yourself

Asanas: Focuses on body postures

Pranayama: Breathing exercises

Pratyahara: Withdrawing from the world to control the senses

Dharana: Deep concentration that shuts off external and internal distractions

Dhyana: All-encompassing concentration through meditation

Samadhi: Union with the universe and, ultimately, the Divine. Bliss and enlightenment.

Did you read that last line of the 8 limbs? Bliss and enlightenment. Not riches, success, fame, or beauty – but the bliss and enlightenment through connecting with the Divine. Okay, I admit that I’m probably a little far from that right now. But you know what? The women I mentioned above, my ambassadors and my inspiring yoga teacher, they bring me one step closer to it every single day. They are my daily bliss. We don’t have to be masters of ancient techniques to take a minute to just reflect on how lucky we are to have amazing women in our lives.

Will you join me in taking a moment this week to celebrate the strong, beautiful women in your life? Let the women who bring you bliss know by tagging them with #icelebrateyou #balinisports.

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