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By Lora Hogan, BaliniSports Guest Blogger http://www.lorahogan.com/

Feeling comfortable in your own skin.

These things do not come as easy as we may always like. It’s easy to get bogged down by insecurity, by a lack of faith, by that pesky feeling that you just “aren't good enough.”

You are good enough!

Every single day you are JUST RIGHT for that day. For that moment. For that place in time. But if you are feeling anxious, worried, or otherwise down in the dumps about a situation, your yoga mat can help you regain your confidence! Practice these poses before the job interview, that big race, any time you need a confidence booster! (That may even just be when you go swimsuit shopping!)

These five yoga poses will help ground you and connect you to YOU--so that you can shine on and off the mat!

Tree Pose (aka Vrksasana) Ground down to root up. Tree pose helps to open your hip, improves your balance, and lifts your chest up to the heavens! If you are an image person, think of one of the tall redwoods in California. Those massive trees continue growing and withstanding the test of time--no matter if the winds rustle the branches. You can do this!

Bakasana Crow Pose If you aren’t a crow pose, you are welcome to stay in squat position--connecting to the ground underneath your heels. I love crow pose for the sense of flight, accomplishment, and core engagement. Your confidence starts in your center--breathe into the belly and the fire and the knowledge that you are already enough!

Standing Warrior Poses and Warrior-Based Flows Just like tree pose, warrior poses are great getting grounded, connected to your center, and spreading wide. The very names imply a WARRIOR attitude. Allow yourself to find joy and confidence within the pose. How can you plant your feet more firmly, bend a little more deeply at the knee, and really spread your arms wide? Take up all the real estate of your mat and proudly sink into warrior poses. You have the warrior strength within you at all times, welcome it, embrace it!

Handstand Play (or your inversion of choice!) Going upside down gets us out of our head. It’s not about balancing, it’s about the play! Turn the world upside down. Even if you can balance in the middle of the room, I recommend kicking up at the wall to boost your self-esteem. Try to hold the pose for longer and really extend your heels towards the ceiling as you press down through the palms of the hands and the tips of your fingers!

Meditation with Lotus Mudra Sometimes all we need for a quick confidence boost is to connect to our breathe. It’s easy to lose focus on your inhales and exhales when we are worried, feeling unworthy, or nervous about something. Sit down in a comfortable cross-legged position. Come into your breathe. Close the eyes. I suggest bringing the hands to heart center in a lotus mudra (shown below) to open yourself up to love, communication, and prosperity. You deserve it. Stay in seated meditation focusing on your breath for as long as feels good for you. There is no right or wrong! Just breathe and be! 

Lora Hogan1

Remember you are good enough! You always have strength, power, grace, beauty, confidence, and self-love on the inside. Just slow down, tap into your awesomeness, and know that you can do it! Go after your dreams with the confidence that you are already perfect, just the way you are!! What activities do you practice to find an added confidence boost when you may be feeling a little insecure? Let me know in the comments below!

All photos by Ashlee Hamon Photography

Lora is a yoga teacher, motivational speaker, and author provides yoga for runners, athletes and everyBODY. Founder of #PassLove, Lora also lectures on improving your wellness business, finding and living your passion, and self-love. Lora wants to challenge your body, connect you to the present, and promote self-esteem and compassion on and off the yoga mat! Lora’s yoga classes and workshops nationwide include Lora Love Flows, Yoga for Athletes, and Yoga for everyBODY. She believes that yoga is for everyBODY and loves sharing yoga with people who say they can’t “touch their toes”– as well as those yoga pretzels! Website: http://lorahogan.com Twitter: http//twitter.com/lora_hogan Instagram: http://instagram.com/lora_hogan Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/lorahogan Facebook: http://facebook.com/dailysouthernsunshine

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  • Emily: December 14, 2015

    Gosh, I just love these tips. Thanks for sharing them! As for when I’m feeling insecure, my go-to is goddess pose. Finding space and strength in my belly makes me feel powerful!

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