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When I first began traveling with my husband on his many business trips per month, every trip felt like an adventure. I had big, BIG plans for making every single trip amazing and productive. In my mind, I would wake up early every morning and do yoga as the sun streamed into my suite. Then, I would squeeze in a few hours of work, checking in with the factory, networking with other designers, answering customer questions, and sketching designs for upcoming collections.

By afternoon, I would be ready to take a relaxing swim in the hotel pool or go out to explore whatever city I was in, maybe even have a posh lunch at a local café. I would then get back to my suite and do some more work before getting dressed to meet my husband for dinner or sync up with any business contacts I had in the area for cocktails.

However, by the third or fourth trip into my new life as a jet-setting woman, I found myself wiping the sleep from my eyes as I arrived at the hotel from the airport, ordering some room service or picking up some takeout, and then collapsing in bed. I would wake up WAY later than I planned the next morning and feel too sluggish to even make it through my yoga routine. All the creative energy I had for work seemed to be zapped from my body. “Oh no, I thought, travel just doesn’t agree with my body.” I resigned myself to the fact that I was just biologically prone to jet lag and would have to live with it.

It wasn’t until a few trips later, as I waited in the line at the Cinnabon counter at LAX airport with a large café latte with two extra sugars from the Starbucks kiosk already in one hand that something occurred to me. Traveling isn’t the issue – the bad habits I had picked up while traveling were. My on-the-go diet of airport food was stealing my energy, making me crabby, and dehydrating me. I made a few small changes that I really want to share with you.

Whether you travel a lot or only once in a while, I promise that these simple tips will leave you feeling great and ready to thrive during your trip.

Get Raw About Traveling

Not all trail mix is created equal. You might think those little bags of mixed nuts and dehydrated fruit you pick up at the airport snack counter are healthy. I mean, nuts and fruit are nature’s candy, right? Nope. Those little bags of trail mix are actually processed and covered in salt. What’s worse, the dried fruit contains such a huge concentration of sugar that you’ll probably experience a blood sugar spike…and inevitable crash. What’s the alternative? I always make my own snack bags of raw cashews, dried cranberries, and shaved coconut the night before a trip. I pack a couple bags in my carry-on luggage for when hunger strikes during the plane ride and I don’t want to be tempted to reach for the salted peanuts and pretzels the flight attendants are handing out. The protein from the nuts keeps me going and keeps my blood sugar steady, plus the antioxidants from the cranberries and good fats from the coconuts keep me energized.

Infuse Your Body with Infused Water

It’s no secret that airplane travel can leave you dehydrated. I always sip a homemade concoction of infused water on my way to the airport. This is easy because you can just blend it in your water bottle and sip it as you drive. It is truly like a personal spa treatment in a cup! My favorite thing to do is combine fresh lemon and lime slices, strawberries, and a sprig of mint for vitamin C and refreshment. This simple concoction will help you avoid becoming dehydrated during your flight. So much better than a cup of coffee, right?

A Dab of Lavender Oil for Sweet Dreams

An airplane ride is the perfect time to catch a little shuteye. Well, in theory, at least. Let’s face it, sometimes factors like a crying baby or a seatmate with their iPod headphones turned up way too loud can make resting on a plane seem impossible. I create a soothing atmosphere for myself by dabbing some lavender oil on my travel pillow. I close my eyes and take deep breathes as I sink my neck into my pillow and let the naturally relaxing scent help me drift off to sleep. I arrive at my destination rested and ready to get work done and have fun.

Grocery Shopping Shouldn’t Stop While You’re on Vacation

The first thing I look for when I land in a new city is the closest grocery store to my hotel. Before you go out for a big meal at a local restaurant, stock up on the fruits that are local and in season where you are. Keep fresh fruit in your room and fill up on it during those first few crucial hours after landing. The vitamin C and fiber in the fruits helps me to keep my gut healthy no matter where I am.

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