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Long ago, women were concerned that many forms of exercise was a disadvantage for moms-to-be, yet today, prenatal yoga is an all-inclusive benefit for pregnant women. In fact, according to a random study at NYU Langone Medical Center, pregnant women demonstrated that daily yoga practice significantly reduced stress and anxiety. What makes yoga the ideal routine for pregnant women? Yoga offers versatile elements of exercise that engage the entire body including regulated breathing, mental engagement, and stress management complimented with light physical activity. Everything you need to prepare for labor. And for those who wonder what to wear, the boutique apparel shop, BaliniSports, sells yoga wear made for moms-to-be. Moreover, their textiles are soft, breathable, and they offer up-to-date fashionable styles.

Consider the three health benefits of prenatal yoga:

Yoga Reduces Stress Levels

According to celebrity yoga teacher, and wife of Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin, yoga helps to unwind, which she says helped her diminish her own stress levels during her pregnancy. During high periods of stress, people tend to react quickly, yet yoga helps you practice patience and control your reactions.

Mom & Baby Remain Happy and Healthy

A 2012 research study by the Mayo Clinic revealed prenatal yoga could help to prevent complications during pregnancy. The study also found several key health benefits of prenatal yoga including relaxation, and a reduced risk of depression to eliminating back pain and easing nausea. Additionally, research shows that practicing yoga for just one hour, three times per week, lowers the incidence of low birth weight babies, pregnancy-related diabetes and high blood pressure.

Prepares Moms for Labor

Would you run a marathon without preparing for it? Yoga helps you build strength and stamina, and by facilitating deep breathing routines you help prepare the body for an arduous labor, indeed, it's one of the most physical jobs you'll ever perform. Hundreds of scientific research studies confirm there are overwhelming benefits to yoga. More than 100 scientific research studies confirm the overall benefits of yoga, and doctors and scientist encourage pregnant moms-to-be to add yoga as a complimentary regimen.

These studies increasingly indicate how effective prenatal yoga is and how it prepares moms-to-be for birth. Still, many pregnant women are unnecessarily apprehensive about Yoga; the routines and the apparel are a top concern but no need to worry. There are plenty of routines that are modified and women can easily alter them to fit varied lifestyles. Not to forget, BaliniSports can accommodate an array of yoga apparel for moms-to-be.

More importantly, taking time for self-care with prenatal yoga helps women connect with the needs of a pregnant body and helps to bond with their growing baby. Anything that offers a deep connection with ourselves is going to be cathartic for the body and mind, and really good for the baby.

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