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Yoga Shmoga, It Just Isn’t For Me!

I want to take a yoga class, but I’m not the crunchy granola type. The idea of meditation and serenity could never apply to me. My physique is currently unflattering to even consider entertaining the thought of wearing super tight workout gear, let alone in a room full of random people.

Speaking of those random people they’ve probably already mastered every yoga pose known to man; I’d look like a fish out of water standing next to those Chakra connoisseurs! Sound familiar? Welp, guess what?-You’re not alone.

People who have never experienced yoga or quite understood the premises behind the practice can easily find themselves in a whirlwind of leading misconceptions. But have no fear your yoga guide is here. For I must admit those anxiety conjured misconceptions were also once my very own.

There seems to be a few misleading ideas about yoga floating around these days, but here are the top five that usually take the cake. (You can still eat cake right?)

TOP 5 Misconceptions About Yoga

Hippies & Crunchy Granola Types Welcomed Only

Okay yes, of course there’s always going to be those free-spirited, 70’s babies, reborn types in any yoga studio, but along with many more! Yoga wasn’t intentionally developed or designed for any specific type of person. All ages, genders, ethnicity, physiques and so on attend yoga classes. Screw the labels, and instead try to understand that in reality the fact is that there’s that one thing that wonderfully unites all of these different types including you, which is maintaining a healthy body. Remember, every student has their own individual intentions for attending a yoga class, whether it is physical or mental, yoga class is opened to all varieties of people.

It Cost Too Much

Actually, there are a lot of fitness and yoga studios that offer first time students a free trial class, and sometimes weekly trial passes are available as well. Just dial up your local yoga studio and ask. Yup it’s simple as that. Searching online can also help narrow down yoga studios that offer free trials and discounts on classes. Also websites such as Groupon.com usually carry a good number of yoga coupons at a reasonably low price. All in all, minus the discount or free class pass a single yoga class would fall under the price range of $11-$18 depending on the studio. Not bad right? Now down to the nitty gritty of what to wear. Relax ladies there are plenty of yoga apparel companies like BaliniSports that sell a variety of sizes of comfortable, stylish and durable yoga apparel for women at reasonable prices.

Awesome Body Requirements

You don’t have to be a size 0 or lack any existence of body fat to experience yoga. Yes, that body type exists and probably will be standing next to you in class, but all of that means completely nothing, because behind you could be the total opposite of that body type. Everyone is shaped differently and when you’re drenched in sweat no one could possibly look better than the other. Yoga can be done by any body size, and it doesn’t discriminate against our own self insecurities; that’s what makes it so great.

Check Your Religion At The Door

One of the top misleading ideas about yoga is that you have to be some type of spiritual person or drop all of your religious beliefs to be an official participant, which is total bull. Yes, yoga essentials are built on the foundation of meditative practices, but that does not in any way qualify it to be a religion or disqualify anybody’s individual religious beliefs. Anyone is welcomed amongst the yoga community, religion set aside; we’re all here for fitness.

No Parents Allowed!

Who cares if you’ve got a couple of kids, a husband, and a dog at home-YOU CAN STILL DO YOGA. As long as you’re still breathing and willing to be active then the world is still your oyster! Yoga is open to everyone including children; some studios even offer Mommy and Me classes so being a parent can no longer be used as a crutch.

Believe it or not some yoga instructors and students are parents as well so you’re not alone in the struggle to juggle. If they can do it so can you!

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