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Have you seen that meme about how you imagine yourself running versus how you actually look running? You see yourself as a graceful gazelle gliding across the pavement, but may actually look like a flailing fool. Finding your way to that graceful ideal is as simple as starting up a yoga regimen.

Just Breathe Yoga focuses your breathing with each move. As your breathing improves, you bring in more oxygen, which helps endurance and performance when running.

Frankie Says Relax Allow the calm to encompass your being during your yoga session. Conservation of strength is also essential to endurance. When relaxed you burn energy more effectively and can counteract the tension from the impaired movement or pain that runners often suffer. Kundalini yoga helps with concentration. Sivanda yoga focuses on meditation. A more relaxing session is best when you are maximizing your training. When training sessions slow down or weather doesn't cooperate with running plans, ramp up yoga sessions to build up strength, such as through Ashtanga yoga.

Know Thyself When you slow down in yoga to focus on how body's movements, you also become intimately acquainted with yourself. Body wisdom helps you to listen to the messages your body is sending you, perhaps helping you to avoid overdoing it and getting further injured.

Baby Don't Hurt Me Pounding the pavement wreaks havoc on your joints and muscles, causing chronic pain and conditions like shin splints. Yoga works these in different ways as you build your core strength and improve flexibility. Bikram is popular with those wishing to increase flexibility. Iyengar is good for those who are recuperating from an injury.

Strike a Pose Different poses has different benefits. For example, Warrior Pose III builds your balance and posture while strengthening ankles, legs, shoulders, and back muscles. The Butterfly Stretch loosens the groin area and inner thighs. Pyramid Pose is great for the legs, particularly hamstrings. Planking helps with the core and upper body strength. Consult with your doctor to determine limitations and benefits of various forms of yoga. Then meet with various instructors and try out different types, until you find the one that best fits you.

Dress For Success Get comfortable and avoid exposing yourself by shopping the BaliniSports line of yoga and fitness clothing. Support yourself while also leaving room for flexibility as you move, and look good doing it.

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