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It is time to stretch and twist, allowing your body to feel better from the inside - out. While Yoga is a known power tool to transform the body, it is not effective if your stamina or energy is low during class. Without the right preparation, you are not allowing Yoga to have it's full effect on your body. Before you step into your next Yoga routine, make sure that you take certain steps that will fuel your body and help it to stretch to the next level of the workout.

1. Watch What You Eat

If you have not eaten for a few hours, then a Yoga routine may cause you to be lightheaded or to lose stamina during the workout. Eat lightly one hour before the class. Fruits and vegetables often work as a power food to help you burn energy and build stamina during class. Lighter snacks with carbohydrates, such as rice, bread or hummus are also effective to boost your energy in preparation for Yoga. You will also want to hydrate your body before and during class to be even more effective.

2. Meditate

Yoga was born from sages that understood that it was a form of meditation, designed to open the energy flow of the body. When using Yoga with meditation, it automatically helps to open the energy while assisting with focus, stamina and specific needs of the body and mind. Meditation before a Yoga class allows you to focus and work with the ancient traditions of developing your energy flow to a higher understanding.

3. Check Your Attire and Accessories

Clothing getting in the way of a Yoga routine immediately stops the effectiveness of Yoga. Before you walk into a class, make sure that you have Yoga clothing that is going to allow you to bend, stretch and move in different forms. For women, you can check in with a Balini Sports Miranda bra, which allows you to easily move without discomfort or continuous adjustment. You will also want to check in with Balini Sports Yogini Capris, special Yoga pants that make it easy to move and turn the way you want to.

Combining this with your own Yoga mat will ensure a comfortable set of sequences during Yoga. Effective Yoga is not only dependent on the sequences or routine. It also takes place with your ability to fuel your body, mind and spirit before going into a Yoga class. With the proper food, attire and mental preparation, you will easily be able to keep your stamina levels and build on your routine during every course.

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