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This generation of baby boomers includes yoga moms that are erasing the stereotypical idea of parents being too busy for health and fitness. In fact, nowadays moms are including their children into their daily yoga fitness regimen. Whether it be taking your little one to participate in a Mommy and Me Yoga class or even engaging in one on one yoga at home, the ending results are always the same which is an incredible bonding experience with your child.  

No more excuses moms (oh, and dads too)! It’s time to get active, stay healthy and have some fun with those little boogers! There is an abundance of Mommy/Daddy and Me Yoga classes available and very easily accessible to the public. One Google search should do the trick, and magically all the local yoga classes in your area specifically geared toward parents and their children will pop up.

For the die hard yogi moms who've just popped that baby out, but anxious to get back into the groove of class, luckily for you some classes actually allow children ages as young as eight old. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can all have a jab at it, just be sure to find out in advance if your child is age appropriate and/or ready for that particular yoga class.

Doing yoga with your child offers terrific benefits such as getting the chance to once again reconnect with your body, and enjoy time with your kid. Taking part in Mommy and Me Yoga classes also allows you to network, and bond with other parents possibly going through the same day-to-day life experiences and issues as yourself. Word on the street is that some of these Mommy and Me Yoga classes also are very lenient when it comes to bringing your childs favorite binky, blanket, or stuffed animal to ensure your yoga experience runs smoothly(basically they get it).

Alright, alright, sometimes unexpected things do pop up in our schedules especially if you have kids, and no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to find the time to get yourself together let alone get your little one up and presentable to make it to class. Don’t be discouraged, you and your mini me can still participate in yoga. Where there’s a will there’s always a way, and that way is leading you to your backyard, a park, or even to that open space(that you never use) in your living room.

Need a little guidance on how to approach this method? No problemo, online publications like parents.com makes it much simpler to find easy, fun, and a doable yoga poses for children. There are also plenty of helpful websites and blogs targeted specifically toward moms such as modermom.com and yogaglo.com. These sites provide and share at home yoga poses to try and also include instructional guidance on how to do so.

Now ladies here comes the cherry on top; you not only get to shop for your new hot yoga clothes, but you also get to coordinate with your mini yogi’s apparel as well. It’s what we’ve all dreamed of when we were little girls, you know what I’m talking about ladies, and now here’s your chance. (Squealing dress up tiiiiiiime!!) Moms, no need to go overboard now, refrain from confusing them with your prior cabbage patch dolls, matching colors will do just fine.;) What are you waiting for? Grab your little pooper and get started today!

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