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The downward dog position can become less peaceful when you come to the realization that your decision to purchase cheap activewear resulted in you mooning the entire Ashtanga class. Don’t be that Yogi; stay strong!-Stay clear of low end yoga apparel and always invest in premium quality active wear.

When it comes to choosing yoga wear it’s best to splurge on top quality apparel to avoid paying for it in the end. Don’t wait for next rip to stitch; you’ve had your last wardrobe malfunction in class, it’s time to go premium ladies and gents. Knowing the difference between top quality and low quality yoga apparel can save lots of money and most importantly ensure comfortability. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your new yoga duds.  

1. Meet The Fabric King: What you wear while sweating is very important while working out; the fabric quality plays such a key integral role. You want to make sure that the clothing fabric is not too tight, fits comfortably, and is non-irritable to the skin. The type of workout activity also plays an essential role into your fabric choice. For simply stretching a cotton/polyester or spandex fabric works perfectly for easy flexibility exercises. On the other hand nylon cotton blended fabric stays dry while sweating so it’d be better suited for intensive cardio workouts. Is the fabric to thick or too thin for the type of yoga you’ll be doing? -Make sure you know what fabric to wear to avoid that very avoidable heat stroke in the next Bikram class.

2. Seam Me Up Scottie: Rugged seams can cause uncomfortable digging and/or chafing of the thigh area. Rough seams can also become dangerous by cutting off circulation so be sure to choose wisely. When shopping for yoga pants the appropriate seam shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy. You don’t want to be suffocating or swimming in your yoga apparel so make sure to have the perfect fitting seam. Sometimes opting to spend a little bit more for the perfect fit ensures comfortability and durability which in the long run saves you money.  

3. Flatlock & Drop It: When buying yoga pants or shorts be sure to check your seam for flatlock stitching opposed to a cover stitch or an overlock. Flatlocking is the number one streamlined stitching out in the industry today. This stitching allows for a smoother and sleeker fit making the seam barely even visible. A lot of premium quality yoga pants/shorts already come equipped with this type of stitching, so this design could easily be found at various activewear shops including Balini’s!  

4. Gusset Fever: Fall in love with gusset which is a diamond shaped patch that is intended to allow workout users the ability to comfortably move in and out of yoga poses such as Warrior II and Triangle Pose with freedom. Unlike most yoga pants that have intersecting seams in between the legs the gusset increases flexibility and allows for an easier workout while preventing any pesky crotch ride-up action. This item is worth digging into the piggy bank.-Did I mention it’s extremely moisture friendly?:)  

5. Space Dye Equals Winning!: Space dye pants are the trending yoga craze these days, and their cool staticy design is definitely worth the penny. These high quality pants come in styles of flare or straight leg while most importantly its design allows for easier optimal movement during whatever workout.   Don’t sell yourself short upgrade with premium yoga apparel today!

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